Friday, September 30, 2016

The Nature of Design

The concept of a field implies consubstantiation by means of identifying, containing or validating an existence by virtue of observation. Given validation any motion appearing or being substantiated within this context likewise conditions it. Formations appear as consubstantial events emerging from within an array of entangled forces

Space re-presents the contextualization of quantum energy in motion in a holographic manner. Time re-presents this motion in reference to an event and/or experience. Design acts as a facilitator between space and time by re-presenting a wide range of symbolic events and experiences. 

Everything pertaining to the idea of an observer (Source) creates a cyclical loop within the idea of timelessness. A cycle is eternal. Cycles can easily re-present heaven. Time like space cannot be observed without the other. Each bring a glimmer to the concept of there being an everlasting eternity. Reality becomes paramount when such events are experienced and symbolically attributed to the existence of a certain "Source". 

The concept of there being a Source has no limitation. The idea of God is the result of a collaborative expression that brings substantiation and identity to a set of conditions. Every observer accepting these conditions via a belief system or particular POV contributes to the magnitude of its substantiation into relative form ... while simultaneously imprinting it within the virtual field of the human psyche.

“Metaphysics enriched by the wisdom of fifty millennia, is not wedded to theological controversies, but does perceive dimly through the veil of substance the working of cast forces only discoverable when intellect is quickened by understanding.”
Manley P. Hall

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Design Marks a New Era: The Recognition of the Soul

So just what is the meaning and purpose behind design? Why does design exist? What is its purpose? Where does it come from? Who, what or whomever created it? What is the source of design? Where does this source originate? What does design have to do with me? Below are just some of the objectives of design.
- To sensitize humanity to the importance of creating in harmony with Nature.
- To nurture a Taoist-like point of view when participating in the creative process.

- To demonstrate through the creative process the universality of the design function as the primary method by which all Life evolves and is made manifest.
- To reveal through interpretive verse and association the meaning and purpose of the design function as it relates to all Life forms.
- To demonstrate the unifying power of design as the integrating force by which all of Consciousness is made aware of itself.
- To demonstrate that design is the universal process towards self empowerment and enlightenment, which is the primary function of involution and evolution.
- To demonstrate that design works in correspondence with the Tao.
- To demonstrate that the harmonious evolution of consciousness at all levels of resonance is accomplished through design.
- To create a vocabulary and language for the Soul.
- To demonstrate that all forms are reflections of a greater scheme of events expressed symbolically. Design re-presents the symbolic network that brings reality to this experience.
- To demonstrate that realms, i.e. dimensions, domains and realities, exist that will always remain undetectable to human perception and awareness.
-To demonstrate that design allows us the opportunity to expand and enter larger frames of reference, i.e. consciousness, through symbolic methods of interpretation.
- To demonstrate that design requires we become multi-dimensional in our perceptions of the world and that "authentic power" is internal and rooted in the soul.
- To demonstrate to ourselves that design fashions the symbolic journey of the soul and that our intentions, i.e. choices, determine the situations that shape our experiences.

- To prove to ourselves that the path, i.e. the Tao of design, is eternal and brought to awareness by virtue of our heart's focus.
- To prove to ourselves that Life lies beyond the shells of form.
- To learn to describe, transfigure and create responsibly and reverently.
- To accept the principles and forces surrounding the value of Life and to recognize and support the principles fundamental to the Earth, i.e. Gaia.
- To demonstrate and bring recognition to a higher quality of mind contained within the heart and the true impetus behind e-motion.
- To demonstrate that the creative process is dependent upon our ability to make connections and that these connections create the symbolic pathways toward higher orders of awareness, i.e. consciousness.

Design demonstrates that there is a deeper dynamic (order/chaos) expressed in all things both seen and unseen.

- To demonstrate that all forms are metaphorical reflections in time and space of a non-physical dynamic that applies design as its fundamental method of expression.

- To understand that the design behind what we create is a reflection of our inner experiences.
- To demonstrate to ourselves and others that design gives expression to a non-physical dynamic that reaches beyond the constraints of both mind and emotion.
- To demonstrate to ourselves that the three dimensional world is symbolic in essence and that every situation has been generated by the virtue and means of design.
- To learn that design describes the method in which energy is universally exchanged, transformed and interpreted.
- To learn that design, the Tao and the creative process are vehicles intended to expand awareness.
- To demonstrate that design readily appears before consciousness in the form of a duality by means of reflecting upon the dynamic relationship created between corresponding elements.

- To demonstrate that design serves the Tao by harboring the instruments necessary to "bring to Life" the concepts of meaning and purpose.
- To illustrate that the purpose of design is to expand awareness in both content and context. Design creates the matrix in which all things are linked microcosmically and macrocosmically.
- To learn to create in harmony and in resonance with Nature.
- To demonstrate the universality of the design function by creating tangible and intangible correspondences at all levels of awareness.
- To prove to ourselves that the intuition is the "voice of the non-physical world" and the central vehicle by which our e-motions are conveyed.
- To demonstrate that consciousness shapes light (waves) into an apparent form (particles) by means of a focused awareness.
- To propose that humanity when co-creating within the parameters of Nature, is a primary contributor to the evolution, i.e. expansion and contraction, of both the planet and the species.

Edited: 09.30.2016
Discernment is an integral part of self-mastery. You may share this post as long as author, copyright and URL is included as the resource and shared on a non-commercial no charge basis. Please note … posts are continually being edited over time. Copyright © 2006-2016 C.G. Garant. All Rights Reserved. Fair Use Notice.