Thursday, September 8, 2016

In Reference to Intention

Design is an electromagnetic expression, an action made apparent by means of symbolic arrangement and configuration. Some design re-presentations are construed as being physical, mental, emotional and spiritual in content.
We subconsciously respond to the many electromagnetic impressions that permeate the universe. Our DNA resonates to their vibratory notes sometimes responding to them like a dog to a whistle, incessantly luring us towards a consonance stemming from a common source.
We resonate to vibrations (energy-in-motion) that re-present a series of ideas made apparent in the form of a human presence. These patterns appear as the result of a cacophony of forces, i.e. geometric impressions and explosions bubbling from within the context of an ever-changing omnipresent soup.
Everything vibrates. Vibration can transform and/or substantiate light into wide variety of shapes and patterns of varying density, aka form and formlessness. Light appearing as a wave (boson) can penetrate and be absorbed into a variety of multidimensional forms and contexts merely by means of resonance and synchronicity. Light appearing as a particle (fermion) affords a substantive expression into a vibratory scheme of geometric events.
Light moving in the form of a wave affects every field embracing the idea of substance to both a lesser and greater degree*. Light is energy and information that is both in and out of phase. Light embraces the pulse of the universe.
Phase: 1. a distinct period or stage in a process of change or forming part of something's development.
All forms originate as a sequence of virtual correspondences having surfaced from within a greater context of consciousness. What we describe as intention creates the necessary referential pointedness from which mutually responsive frequencies can resonate and adapt. Single pointedness (POV) creates the reference required of every creation, i.e. design, cycle. Without “direction” the concept of universe would remain unsubstantiated and in a state of dormancy. Expansion and growth in awareness is the trait of a universe reliant upon the reflections of dimensional space and time … without which life, as we know it would not exist.
Intention is a force of energy in motion. Intention gives reference to a source of light and energy stemming from deep within a contextual consciousness, e.g. nature, solar, galactic. Higher frequencies are generally considered more influential, intimate and responsive in comparison to those described as being more physical or dense.
Physicality generates its own kind of energy, i.e. power, due to the strength of its structure, i.e. the combined vigor of elements that together substantiate its form. The design of these elements is vital in retaining both an internal and external harmony between systems partaking in the idea of a shared construct.
Desire is the source behind intention. Desire is the engine driving every intention. Our mind along with our emotions (Kama Manas) is the fuel generating every experience. Elements of "like kind” retain their own ideas that support the concept of meaning and purpose. Each situation resonates to the frequency of a common field solely in order to bring expression to every desire. This concept brings light to the importance of creation, consciousness and the design process.
The display of this process is recognized as design, i.e. a series of symbolic events that in community give expression to a multitude of intentions and/or desires. Each form has a meaning and purpose hidden within the subjective experiences of the creator as observer. Only by means of design can light be felt, expressed and substantiated. Intentions can be generously felt at times, but not necessarily understood.
Every form of light brings meaning and purpose to a creative consciousness. Design allows us the opportunity to transcend the octaves of the physical by entering the mystical … if we so wish. Science, language, mathematics, the visual and performing arts, religion, music, etc. are all systems of light (energy) created to bring fruition to a desire believed to originate within the depths of their heart. This internal drive is a primordial force where synthesis is achieved by means of a cyclical agent called change.
To be inspired is to be mystically moved by spirit. To be moved appears as change, i.e. energy-in-motion, it is woven within the contextual fabric of the universe. Life is motion – a creator and destroyer. The meaning and purpose behind movement, i.e. Spirit, remains unknown to those who participate in its realization. Design allows us to intentionally respond and investigate into the mysteries found within this universal context. Guidance and direction symbolically appear before our awareness in the form of mental, emotional and physical impressions.   

Consciousness is always being challenged and it is through these designed challenges that other states of awareness can be realized and/or experienced. Adjustment, adaptation, acclamation, integration and assimilation are necessary in the ageless alteration, modification, remodeling and reconstruction of the universe.  

5 Tips for Discernment
Here are five things you can do to be more fully informed and discern what you are taking in from the world.
First, set your intention to become more present and focused as you take in messages from the world. That may seem obvious, but in our fast-paced world with constant input, setting this intention really can help. Sound bites digested when you are multitasking, and then acted upon, can lead to regrets later.  Just like driving while texting can have dire consequences, taking in messages when you are upset or just not present can leave you with false impressions of reality.
Second, pay closer attention to the tone of the words you are hearing or reading. Do they evoke emotion, and if so, what? Do you sense any incongruity in the words? Do the words fall into a familiar pattern you are seeing elsewhere? Do the facts behind the words check out?
Third, get really grounded, calm, and in your heart - then ask within to know whether what you are hearing or reading seems authentic. Does the person saying it seem to have integrity and a caring character? What do you sense the big-picture motivation is behind the words?
Fourth, considering that words can be divisive, evaluate them on deeper levels. Does the message serve as a distraction from real issues? Is it confusing? Does it seem black and white? Does the message leave you feeling angry and without a solution?
Fifth, expand your sources of information so you aren't getting everything from one place. Listen to more than one side of things before deciding what to believe and what action to take. Question what you have decided to believe and why you think it's true.
Copyright 2016 by Selacia - author of Earth’s Pivotal Years, healer, and teacher * All Rights Reserved. “Words Matter More Now”, Source
Meaning and purpose combine in order to create streams of energy in the form of light and information. Such energy requires regulation and control. By means of apportionment and in response to designed patterns that are symbolically re-presented in nature and throughout the universe, an intention, i.e. direction, is born. The multidimensional reality, which we know as the universe, is best understood through contemplation and objective study, i.e. science. Humanity can be found to be more productive (peaceful) when adjustments are made in reference to nature by means of its own designs. 
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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Beyond Physicality

Where do you think your imagination takes you? It takes you anywhere you desire. By virtue of your imagination you’re both here, there and everywhere while still observing your world ... as perceived in the moment. This is a power you personally harbor within a virtual field of energy we describe as consciousness.

Your patterns, perceptions and creations are but micro re-presentations etched in a moment of time ... a dimensional construct imprinted within the parametric constraints of a self determined perception of 3D space/time, i.e. a single perspective (POV) giving expression to the very field of intelligence/mind imagining it. You are part and parcel of a virtual field of energy (consciousness) that has brought forth a specific idea of 3D space and time for reasons that maintain a particular interpretation of reality. In essence, your position within this virtual field of energy, light and information acts as a juncture not only for yourself, but also for other "points of light". 

That which you sustain from within this fabric of imagining is what you yourself define and describe as beingness. By means of substantiation through manifestation your position creates a fulcrum upon which all other dimensions can be centralized, unified, centered, re-sourced, engaged, created, made manifest, discovered and realized, aka designed. You are at the center of a field of consciousness of your own making; a manifestation of light partaking in the realization of every lesser and/or greater matrix to which you contribute and participate. 

In order to actively engage and bring fruition to this reality we subconsciously categorize every event, i.e. moment, under the heading of EXPERIENCE. Note: Human consciousness has a multidimensional affect upon every other field in the universe. All dimensions are packaged into what might be viewed as a conceptual Oneness and where time emerges from within the contextual vibrations of a plasmic consubstantial soup. Design allows for the integration and substantiation of such forces both seen and unseen.

Every experience is part of a living process. Every experience is an event in its own right. Every experience brings fruition to a multi-dimensional presence. Every experience brings recognition to an observer witnessing an event. By design every experience is composed of a multitude of event/s of lesser or greater context, i.e. Reality. * These experiences represent the realities of your own making, generated by an imaginative impulse (desire) made in matriarchal coordination with yourself and others of the race (human). 

All species, i.e. creation, share a common DNA. DNA is the seed of the universe; recycling, changing, growing, blossoming and fading within the parametric vortex of its own imagination. By virtue of design every universe can be described and/or perceived at every magnitude imaginable. Design brings re-presentation to the waxing and waning process between light and dark. 

DNA holds an untold blueprint. DNA creates the path. DNA explores and creates its own passage through and about a multitude of forces (fields) that surround and engage it. Every prognostication concerning certain outcomes may be considered but never truly known ... less understood. DNA adapts to an ever changing environment that progressively alters the dark by means of its light and by casting shadows within the boundaries of its own influence. 

Each POV (fermion) contributes to the contextual realization of a matrix of events and experiences that together bring into holographic formation patterns of energy. Energy in the form of matter surfaces as result of a vibratory cluster of dimensional provinces all responding to a common resonance found in virtual space/time. **

* Please ponder upon the relationship between the boson and the fermion discussed in earlier postings.
** Dimensions overlap. The concept of a dimension is a man-made categorization of an ever-changing contextual framework invented, i.e. imagined, solely for referential purposes. (ref: The Point and the Line) The context, i.e. universe, is a virtual soup of plasmic energy in perpetual motion. The ideas of space and time merely attempt to bring structure to a concept of Reality designed to re-present an all encompassing Presence that exists beyond the imagination - unable to be substantiated in its totality.

The concept of reality is in constant flux. Due to your imagination your mind's focus will wander upon a multitude of metaphors and experience in the moment (time). These holographic images represent forms, feelings, impressions, ideas and concepts to which you resonate. Because of their symbolic nature ideas have the potential to cross and interpenetrate dimensions. A dream allows you to be an observer freely removed from the dreamtime experience by virtue of the responses generated by your own imagination.  This process by virtue of the imagination, gives credence to the concept of multidimensionality. 

Energy in motion acts both as a compass and frame of reference when viewed in conjunction with a series of events and experiences. Such events also create the parameters upon which further expansion and contraction is dependent. From within a changing plasmic sea of momentary pulsation, multi-dimensional motion will find its own resonance between events. From what was once a condition-less field of virtual origin emerges every concept of reality imaginable.

Energy in motion allows for symbolic association. Every seed is endowed with the potential to bring light to the universe by means of geometry. Low vibratory motion makes reference to what has been labeled to be dark energy. Dark energy is relatively motionless when compared to forms appearing enlightened by comparison. Dark energy moves in search for the most appropriate situation in which to bring its own sustenance (light) into awareness (field). Ideas that surround and participate within the concept of singularity must be compromised by both one and the other. 

Passive in context and endless in motion resonant correspondences await realization within every dimension of space/time.  Consciousness is a projection that arises upon reflection. Reflection is the product of an imaginative resonance, i.e. connection, between ideas.

By virtue of experience design brings forward what we think, feel, say and do. We each bring to awareness a reality to which we subjectively and collectively resonate.

Links are created by means of our actions. Connections emerge in response to how we respond within the parametric constraints (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual) we have generated within the dimensional fields of our own making. Design is dynamic in character and quality. Design instills a need for action. By means of the symbol design responds to every situation in reference to the moment.  Note: It is within this deep understanding of the importance of the moment that the concept of experience is revealed.

Experience presents itself in the form of a series of symbolic events, i.e. energy, light and information - an endless process of coalescence and fragmentation about a self determined matrix of perception, awareness and understanding.

Design is momentary and its influence can be as fleeting as your desire. Design is inspirational and can be directed by command. A source of inspiration lies deep within the center of your own interpretation and understanding of wholeness. Design is discovered by virtue of a pulsating desire veiled within the multidimensional sounds, i.e. vibrations, of the universe. Design harbors a throng of re-sources all fashioned into a cooperative vehicle of change and transmission. When in harmony what appears to be separate gives birth to a multidimensional presence of its own by design.

“Time does not exist for you it exists because of you.”

Moments together give form to time. Virtual in origin and harboring the potential for bringing substantiation to the concept of space, each moment appears as a series of holographic vibrations forever changing within the contextual shadows of a universal light. To bathe in this light is to share in the vibratory reflections of what has been cast in its shadows for all to see

Moments in time bring energy, light and information to every situation. Yet by virtue of a momentous lapse in one's concept of time objects can seem to both appear and disappear before your eyes. 

Design is typically made relevant in a very subtle and insignificant manner. Emotional undercurrents are at the core of many of these urgings and expressions. Hidden behind the veil of form is a design, i.e. a sign of meaning and purpose (symbol) used to sensitize and/or desensitize the observer to forces/influences appearing veiled by its presentation. 

Response to such subtle forces can be likened to the symbolic relationship between a receiver and transmitter. A sensitive receiver is capable of discovering and tuning into a large number of frequencies that together create a particular vibratory spectrum, e.g. infrared to ultra violet. Whereas other receivers are simply incapable of responding to forces that don't match up, i.e. resonate, to its configurations (DNA).  

The field surrounding each receiver is actually where the transmission occurs, moving through the dimensions of space/time and triggering configurations of common vibration. DNA pre-scribes *** the pattern. The intuition in conjunction with the imagination, guides every moment along the way, all this within a context that could be described as "sharing a presence" in space/time duality. DNA creates the biological antenna. DNA symbolizes the source of that antenna and other formations that may similarly reproduce it. 

*** To prescribe means to "direct in writing". Writing is based upon sounds symbolized by letters that collectively create a language founded upon a single Word. Every language has been designed to bring a meaning and a purpose, i.e. direction, to those sounds and vibrations. The author initiates the transmission and the reader may or may not respond. True reception and transmission of light, energy and information demands that transmission occurs within the context of a very complementary environment. All that has been done (created) from the Beginning has been done from within the symbolic context of design.

A receiver’s composition (DNA) is instrumental in both comprehending and expressing this simple principle. DNA symbolizes a biological antenna capable of receiving and by means of design, interpreting vibratory patterns. DNA creates the symbolic field of expression where it harbors, qualifies and creates within the constraints of its own parameters.

DNA creates the antennae. Energy in motion along with events appearing in conjunction with experience, contribute to the unique characteristics surrounding the configuration and formation of every strand of antenna. In a sense, DNA allows energy to find its voice within the strains of a variety of permutations stemming from within the contextual constraints of the matrix/universe/dimension being expressed and/or observed, e.g. nature.

3 (usu. strains) the sound of a piece of music as it is played or performed.

Along with every impression there is a feeling and it is within such feelings that every event and experience is interpreted. This is the domain of the intuition … the place where the soul can find comfort to function undisturbed within the dimensional fields (frequencies) of the mind and the heart. The intuition is at the core of a spiritual gateway designed within the parameters of meaning and purpose, light and dark, boson and fermion, yin and yang.

Design holds the power in support of the intuition. The intuition is an expression of energy in motion … constantly changing and fluctuating from within a contextual framework, i.e. form, from one intelligence unto another. It is from this POV that a door is opened and consciousness (field of e-motion) is invited to expand and contract within greater magnitude and awareness. Some have described such an experience as a “spiritual” awakening generated from a series of potentially enlightening moments. Each impression originated as an idea formed within a framework of symbolic events and experiences ... all searching for expression within the parametric constraints of 3D space/time.

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